Profession or Career Change

Are you hesitating or thinking to change your profession?

If yes, you are at the right place.

You might be thinking that you have done so much for your current profession or study/education, which is true, and this thing is making you stop thinking about sliding into a new field which you like. Sometimes you think what if you will not like this new field in future.

See, you can change your field anytime before it is too late but changing field should not be too early. What does it mean?

The problem in changing Profession

Let me explain you:

Suppose somebody started a business of shoes making two months back. He did it every day. Just after two months, he thinks; no it is not a good business and I don’t like it anymore. He quit this business and starts working at a garage. After six months he left that work as well. After that, he tried different work and left them within six or eight months.

What do you think, did he does right to quit every job/work like this?

Here you and I can have a different opinion but the key point is that how often he quits the job. He didn’t give enough time to any of the jobs he tried.

As Elbert Einstein said ‘First learn the rule of the Game and then play it Best’, one should give enough time to any profession of work or education to learn it first. After giving enough time (it can vary from one to three or maybe five years depending upon the profession or job or study) you can always think to quit at any time.

There is always a possibility that we might not like the job in future (after few years) what we are selecting today or what we like today. There can be many reasons behind it. We learn more and more, we change mentally, socially, and culturally. Therefore our likings change.

There is nothing wrong to change your profession anytime you like. Just make sure you have tried enough for a particular profession you planning to quit or you have given enough efforts and try to make it better and you couldn’t.

Example of a successful person who changed the profession many times

I can tell you a story of a very successful businessman who was very good in school but he quit the school because he didn’t like it after his tenth standard. In high school, he was still topper of the class. He quit his schooling.  Although he was aware of what he is throwing away still, he did.

He started working at his grandfather’s cycle puncture shop. after his grandfather’s death, he took over the shop and expanded to a garage. His interest was in cars and automobile due to which he actually started with his grandfather. After few years he found out that it is not interesting to him anymore he quit that job. Before this job, he has already quit many other jobs like shoemaking and salesmen at local cloth store. For many years he changed many other jobs.

Many years later he was seen in a TV interview where he said:

“From garage work, I learned how to fix problems, from shoemaking I learned about the quality of a product and from salesmen job I learned how to sell the product and later I applied all this into this real estate business”.

Yes, you got it right, he became very successful Real Estate businessman.

I can be sure that you are no more confuse now to take the decision about changing profession. I am looking forward to seeing you on TV telling the story about your success.

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