Mother - A Single Parent

A widow went beyond the chains coping with life’s challenges and difficulties, ultimately fulfills the dreams of her husband through her son.

Blue is White

Paintings of a mentally disordered person give him fame which leads to a study about his life and neurologists found him trapped in his dreams.

Ghost of Humanity

After years of her death, he experiences illusions that she, lying on his porch, is crying, screaming, and yelling for the help which leads him to approach the court and get her justice.

Daughter of A Widow

She keeps fighting unlike her Mom, although it puts her in intellectual situations, yet she builds a strong example to carry the family legacy forward.


*Love without Limits*

Hum Sehjade the Unki Ankho’n Ke!

Jinhe Samajhne mein Hum ne Der ki!!

Hum to Rahe dodte Piche us Zindagi ke mahino-aur-saalo’n Tak!

Jisko humari Kadar Ab tak na hui!!

Bhatke rahe Hum us Zindagi ke Liye dar-dar

Aur WO Humare Liye dar-b-dar Bhatke the!

Hum to Aaj bhi Utni hi door hain Us se Jis k piche Hum the!!

Hum to Maayus ho Kar Piche Mude the!

Unki Nazro’n ne Btaya

Unke liye Hum Pehle bhi Sehjade the aur Aaj Bhi!!

Date: 07.10.2017

*Life of Leaves*

Dine Khidya Rati kyu'n Janda Mo,

Fulla ve tere Rang, Roop, te Khusbo,

Har Dil nu lende Moh!

Jado sajjare Hawa da tej Kiran de naal ho janda Chhoh,

Vehre ch Bagichi, te Bagichi da Singaar janda ho!

Fulla ve Dila’n te waar janda ho!!

Ve tu Suraj di ik Kiran da Nazara,

Komal Patiya‘n te Sata Ranga da Khilara,

Fulla ve tu Jag nu Sare Jahan to Pyara!

Ras Makhiya nu,

Bhorya nu Pyar khilaar janda,

Dine Niklya raat nu mo janda!

Tere Rang, Roop, te Khusbo,

Har Dil nu lende Moh!

Fulla ve har Dil nu janda Moh!!

Patiya Bakhsan komal Roop ve Tenu,

Suraj de bakshe Rang ne Tenu,

Hava bhakshe Khusbo!

Dine Khidya Raati kyu'n Janda Mo

Fulla ve tere Rang, Roop, te Khusbo Har Dil nu Lende Moh!

Date: 21.01.2013

*Seeds of Dreams*
Deep in your eyes, sow the seeds
of your dreams.
Step by step, with all your light
follow your fantasies.
Peaks and valleys, wax and wave;
so many things go through.
Bonds and kinship are forces of the
Lay off look around, your howen’s
towering high.
You're become ravenous for the
rain bows in your steep.
Fate is decided, walk along you'll
know your way.
Don't give in, dawn will break and
light will
shine through.
This time will show you their true
colors, you are your solitary reaper.
Sow the seeds of your dream, sow the
seeds of your dreams.
One day they will incarnate and blossom.
They say like birds of paradise
O like birds of paradise
One by one they'll incarnate.
Don't count the days of yore, you'll see they
will unfold to be treasured.
Sow the seeds of your dreams, they'll
incarnate and blossom.
You'll be jazzed by the butterfly kissing the sweetness spiced
on every blossomed spray.
Date: 07.01.2015

*Falling Star*
Wo Taara toot to Gya,
Par gira nhi Abhi Tak!
Usne Chilaya to bohot Tha,
Par suna nahi Kisine Abhi Tak!
Wo Manzil nhi Mukaam tha Apno Ka,
#wo manzil nhi mukaam tha apno ka#
Khushiya'n thi wo Apno ki jaha'n Pahunchna Tha!
Wo Taara tha kisike Sapno Ka,
Us ne chilaya bhi neend Main Tha!
"wo Taara tha kisike Sapno Ka"
"us ne chilaya bhi neend Main Tha!"
Andhe sa Ehsaas Tha,
Jab kho gya tha ek Sapne Main!
Wo Nikla to tha Ghar Se,
Par kahi pahuncha nhi ab tak!
Chilata rha us Bheed Main,
Wo neend m tha Abhi Tak!
Wo Taara toot to Gya
par Gira nahi Abhi Tak!
Date: 16.08.2017

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